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DKV-D Ltd.

The Company was set up in the end of 2005 as a manufacturer of abrasive polishing tools. Since then, the company has constantly evolved and modernized its manufacturing line.

In 2003 the company decided to start a new line of business, i.e. manufacturing of lathe components. Having conducted the relevant market research and having spotted a free niche within the market, the company invested in the machinery and equipment required for the specific manufacturing. We seek to build new positions in this specific market in Bulgaria and in Europe.


Through investment in new machinery, equipment and technologies, we will work to grow our business by expanding our staff and the range of the products we manufacture.

The qualification and motivation of our team are the basic precondition for the company’s success.


DKV has a team of engineers and qualified technical staff who are able to meet the customers’ requirements in respect of the manufacturing of components of different complexity and configuration.

The company’s own tool maintenance department contributes to our complete production cycle.